Trust The Wild

By March 18, 2015 Campaign

Early mornings on the river, campfires, cabins, trout and even a bit of whiskey… The Western Rise campaign launches soon.  Follow along on  instagram for the official announcement @WesternRise.

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Shooting Western Rise – BTS

By March 15, 2015 Photography, Video

A Behind The Scenes preview from shooting the new Western Rise look book.


FoundFolios Feature

By January 20, 2015 Campaign, Photography

“Tony has spent most of his life climbing, skiing, surfing and chasing adventure but his path to photography wasn’t exactly planned or direct. After studying advertising in college, he landed at a Denver-based agency working with some of his favorite brands. He found himself drawing on his experiences in the outdoors to help develop client campaigns. He quickly picked up a camera and started shooting concepts for the agency. The first photo he brought back became the backbone of a large campaign for The North Face.  In that moment, Tony realized his passions for adventure and the advertising world fit together perfectly as a photographer.

Almost a decade later, he’s established himself as not only a campaign shooter but a photo journalist who travels to the most remote places in the world to bring home unique, hard-to-get stories. A few of his recent projects include a kayak documentary shot in the rebel territories of Mexico, a 100+ mile trek into the backcountry of Patagonia for a brand campaign, and tracing the Marco Polo Path along the Tajikistan and Afghan border for a feature in a travel publication.

Tony’s style is a mix of grit, authenticity and energy. He loves creating stories that inspire people to get outside & explore. His work has landed him jobs with a variety of lifestyle-minded clients like Red Bull, Teva, GQ, Imogene + Willie, & Eddie Bauer.

Below are a few photos that relate to the projects Tony spoke about above.

To see more of his work visit”

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Cams Line

By August 1, 2014 Campaign, Photography, Uncategorized

[Virgin Utah with Cam McCaul and Kurt Sorge: New edits, new selects]

Virgin Utah is home to some of the best mountain biking in the world and is the centerpiece to the most difficult riding in the states. Red Bull rampage happens here, it’s the proving ground of the sport and a playground for riders at the forefront of the industry.  Both Cam and Kurt helped establish the area and push the sport to a new level and have been riding here for years but there was one line that they had seen but hadn’t yet completed. This project is a photo journal of Cam and Kurt completing the project for the first time ever while linking steep terrain with super technical riding.

I had originally shot this project for a client campaign, deadlines got in the way, new work came up and I never really shared my selects. It’s a project that I’m proud of – visit my site to see the photo journal at  Projects > Virgin Utah.



By July 29, 2014 Campaign, Photography

A preview from my one-hundred mile hike around Torres Del Paine, Chile: One backpack & one camera.  Jump on over to my site to see the gallery from Patagonia.


By March 27, 2014 Campaign, Photography, Video

Last year Boosted Boards launched the idea of building a fast, light and durable electric skateboard on Kickstarter. Over the course of the year they quickly developed the idea, tested it and came up with an amazing final product. And then they asked me to help them art direct and shoot their first campaign. Check out Boosted to see what we came up with –

Titans of Mavericks

By February 24, 2014 Photography

I was on my way to Salt Lake City when the text came in. It was something I had been waiting on for weeks.  “Mavericks is happening in 48 hours. Get out here.” I didn’t hesitate for a second before changing my ticket to San Francisco. And I’m glad that I didn’t.

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The Other Aspen

By January 7, 2014 Campaign, Photography, Shop Talk

Nearly every morning this time of year the Aspen ski patrol jump out of bed, roast a cup of coffee, wrestle their beards into place and hike up mountains with explosives strapped to their back. Meanwhile, a few thousand feet below, a handful of ski bums are passing out to the smell of PBR and bong resin on old couches. Just a few doors down and up a heated driveway, the more affluent crowd await their personal drivers and freshly mounted skis to arrive.

Aspen has forever been known for the latter – fur coats and the arguably acceptable Bogner onesies. The truth is, Aspen is just as legit and diverse as any other ski town but has never been fully acknowledge. A headache to the to marketing team and the ad agency behind the campaigns I’m sure, but to me, this is one of the greatest secrets of the mountain.

Aspen is a place that is easy to escape the crowds and find untouched powder even on the weekends. It’s still a place with an un-told story of real mountain men and women following their passions.  This is a big part of the reason I  teamed up with the Aspen Ski Company last year. My goal was to spend the winter working with the patrollers to share the grittier side of the mountain through imagery that will be used for marketing collateral. Unfortunately, my winter was cut short for client projects in Mexico and Patagonia and I only got a few good days of shooting in.

The real story of Aspen is still hanging out there waiting to be shared. Or maybe it’s just a story that was really never meant to be exploited.

For more of my photos from Aspen visit and keep an eye out at

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Peahi – Jaws

By December 24, 2013 Photography

Jaws is somewhat of an anomaly in terms of surf breaks.  Known for delivering waves in the 30-40 ft+ range under the right conditions it can be one of the most beautiful and dangerous waves in the world.

Up until January of last year Jaws was only accessible by towing in from a jet-ski but that all changed when Shane Dorian and a few locals stepped up and gave it a go by paddling in.

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Boosted Campaign

By December 9, 2013 Campaign


I’m in the midst of wrapping up a campaign for the guys at Boosted Boards and they were kind enough to let me share a preview with you.

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